29 Mar 2021
Terms of Service

NiosTech LTD and its investors are entering a legally binding contract and or agreement once a registration is completed. In no way shall a registered investor be able to be released from this contract, except for special instances where NiosTech LTD rejects a registration or no longer wishes to service the accounts of certain parties where and when necessary.

All investors agree that registering an account will assume that all of the contents of our terms and conditions page have been comprehended and understood to the extent that the investors no longer have questions unanswered.

NiosTech LTD may at any time cancel / reject / delete / suspend or forfeit accounts and all assets included, when violations are carried out by violating members. The extent and gravity of offence shall dictate which action the company should take, when these situations occur.

Such prohibited actions and activities in our company and our website are the following:
- Creation of multiple accounts under one computer and one IP address.*
- Creation of multiple accounts under proxies or VPN servers.
- Using identical payment processor accounts for both deposits and withdrawals of more than 1 user account.
- Creating wrong speculations and accusations toward our company.
- Complaining publicly about certain account issues without first consulting our support team.

Investors must understand and accept that the timeframe for withdrawals before they get processed, normally is instant or up to 48 hours if 3rd party payment gateways is delay. Contacting support or the administration about a withdrawal submitted less than the full 48 hours will receive no response and should not be covered for our 24 hour ticket response promise.

The rate of Bitcoin follows what the Blockchain spot rate is. A Bitcoin deposit should get added only after at least 1 confirmations have been received by the Bitcoin transfer to our accounts. Should your deposit not get added after said confirmations have already been received by your transaction, please contact the support team.

Bitcoin deposits require investors to strictly copy and paste and send the exact amount as shown and displayed on the deposit confirmation page for Bitcoin. Failure to transfer the exact Bitcoin amount as shown on that page, will cause your deposit to not get automatically added to your account and will require administration intervention.

NiosTech LTD will not be responsible for losses incurred due to misbehaviour or misconduct by its investors.

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions as any given time when necessary or required.

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